Will "All of Me" by Tanlines Become the New Macarena?

When Tanlines' Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm bring their catchy, danceable pop to Bardot on Thursday, it's a given they'll be playing latest single, "All of Me."

The song is an earworm and the video, directed by The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barrett, has its own very odd dance. So does the "All of Me" boogie have what it takes to be the next Twist or Macarena?

Well, as Cohen tells us, "I don't see that happening." But the song is great and Barrett's clip is, predictably, really weird. Check it out after the cut and stick around for Jesse's thoughts on making the video as well as Tanlines-approved dance moves.

So what has to happen for the All of Me to be the next Macarena?

"Well, you know, I would say we need several million more fans, mostly," Jesse says. "I don't see that happening, but I wouldn't mind if people appreciated us on that level."

As fans of the Mighty Boosh, Tanlines were excited by the treatment Barrett presented to them, even if they didn't quite understand it.

"We shot in London for one day and all the other stuff happened while we weren't there," Jesse reports. "We didn't see it until it was done. We were like, 'OK, Julian Barrett.' He's got very queer ideas, in what he does. He said he was going to hire this group of London-based line dancers. It was hard to imagine until I saw it."

But as tempting as it is to practice the dance with all your pals leading up to Thursday's show, there's no need for stressing over choreography at a Tanlines show.

"I'm very much of the belief that everyone should do whatever they want. The last thing we ever want to do is be like bands who go, 'Why aren't you dancing, people?' or 'There's room in the front, why aren't you coming forward?' That's the worst. We want you to do your thing.

"Part of the reason to make music is you hope that people have experiences that your music will be the soundtrack to. I would prefer if they were good rather than bad. But it's just great when it is a part of someone's life."

Tanlines. Thursday, July 19. Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $18 plus fees via eventbrite.com. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-576-7750 or visit bardotmiami.com.

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