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Today is officially HUMBERT DAY in the City of Hialeah!

Just got an amazing press release from the guys of Humbert, the local band most associated with La Ciudad que Progresa -- Hialeah. If you've been to any local shows some time in the last 14 years, you've seen Humbert. If you've been totally oblivious, this is part of what I wrote about them last year:

"Above all, Humbert is from Hialeah and proud. A city better known for its equally convoluted politics and street grids than its cultural output, Hialeah's best-known musical export to date is KC and the Sunshine Band. Still, a tiny subculture of live rock acts has persisted there, and the four-member Humbert has outlasted them all (friends and fellow local stalwarts the Brand finally decamped to New York earlier this year). The band officially formed sometime in the early half of the Nineties, but its first full-length album didn't appear until 1999 and was self-released on the group's own Sportatorium label. Led by guitarist Ferny Coipel — the group's most recognizable, lovably disheveled face — it was a collection of messy, noisy indie that always rambled back to pop melodies. The follow-up album, Plant the Trees Closer Together, took another four years to appear, again on Sportatorium. But Humbert's performance in Austin, Texas, during this year's SXSW Festival created a tiny blip on the national radar."

Finally, their hometown has decided to recognize their dedicated efforts to spreading the good word. As of today, the City of Hialeah has declared every October 23 official HUMBERT DAY!

Here's the press release:

"This is no joke…

At 7:00 PM on Tuesday October 23, 2007 @ Hialeah City Hall (3rd floor during the City Council meeting):

Humbert will be honored with an official proclamation making October 23, 2007 and every October 23rd thereafter as Humbert Day in the City of Hialeah.

Since the 90s, the Hialeah indie rock band has created the Hialeah Music Fest (14 years running). The band has organized and performed at several PTA benefits at local schools. The band has provided their recording and rehearsal studios to dozens of other bands/artists from the Hialeah area. The band has performed nationally, including several important music industry showcases and did so every time as a Hialeah,FL band (instead of the much more nationally marketable Miami,FL). Hialeah has performed at various local charity events.

Once again, this is NOT A JOKE.

The City Council meeting is open to the public, so if you don’t believe us or if you just want to check it out anyway, you may do so.

Hialeah City Hall is located at 501 Palm Ave, Hialeah,FL

Over and out from the City of Progress..."

Good show, boys. -- Arielle Castillo

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