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The Five People You Meet in Wynwood

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At times, Wynwood feels like the Miami frontier. It's new, it's vibrant, it's exciting -- but wait, is it really new? Actually, it may just be kind of new to you.

Look, it's not South Beach, but it is quickly shaping up to be the "new South Beach." Whether or not you like the plans for mega-development, despite what qualms you may have with skyrocketing rents and an influx of artistically minded carpet baggers, Wynwood has become the home of some familiar faces.

Here are the people, old and new, that you meet in Miami's hippest district.

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The Gallery Groupie

Oh yes, dahling, this beautiful person is all about culture. It's a shame, really, what's happened to this town. All the good galleries are closing. All these ruffians have gone and ruined the party. Now this person has to come out on Thursdays or hours before the crowd just to see any good art -- or whatever's left of it. By the way, do come out to my next showing/opening/exhibit/mixed-media affair/hullabaloo. There will be hors d'oeuvres and visual metaphors no one understands. It will be fabulous. Ciao.

The OG Street Artist

This dude was stalking the streets of Wynwood in the wee hours of the morning back when you were still listening to the Spice Girls. These cats are the foundation of the Wynwood art scene, and they took their hits to earn that title. You won't find them at all the parties, because they're probably busy raising kids and/or not giving a shit about superficial whatever. They're still doing their thing, and they're not in it for the chicks or the glory. When they got started in this game, there was no such thing as "commercial success," just the satisfaction of leaving your mark in paint. Their type is the kind that'll still be tagging shit up long after it's stopped being "cool."

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The Industry Type

These fancy, socially connected individuals are always around. And they're always planning their next "hot party." They will let you know about it, but don't tell anyone else. You're in on the secret, because you're special. These people are the movers and shakers of Wynwood's bright future, and you absolutely need to know them. Just remember that whether or not they'll still know you tonight is a matter of minute-to-minute social calibration.

The Artwalkers

These folks don't come to Wynwood, except once a month to get drunk and "look at art" on their way to the food truck mega-plaza. They are the reason art purists and people who love to complain are saying "Wynwood is over." They have also started going to Wood Tavern every once in a while. These people are bandwagon jumpers, but they are having a great time.

People Who Have Actually Been Living There for Decades

You know them. They're the ones hanging out on their front porch, watching as you and your drunken friends stumble down the sidewalk, talking too loud. While you "do up art walk" and head to food truck land every month like clockwork, they have their own house parties every weekend. They may or may not have their own chickens, but they aren't playing games. Not long ago, they were getting by at a time when you would have been too scared to come near Second Avenue after dark. Treat them with respect, hipsters. These are your true elders.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.