The Drums' Adam Kessler Quits; Band Still Playing Grand Central on Saturday

We posted an interview we did with

The Drums' Jacob Graham recently on Crossfade

. But the band seemed happy with how things were moving forward for them, with no mention of bandmates leaving or any turmoil within the group.

We've got some sad news to report, though: It's been confirmed that The Drums' Adam Kessler has quit the band. The Drums' official website was updated recently to say the following in the news section: 

"There have been some questions as to recent events and we are sorry to say that Adam has left The Drums. Jonny, Jacob and Connor are devastated and are keeping to themselves and with friends at this time. The band are currently on the road in America. Thank you for all of the support, it means a lot."

They didn't waste any time, as MySpace and Wikipedia pages have already taken Kessler off of their list of bandmates.

We've checked with them, and the show is still going on tomorrow, though

they would not comment on who will be touring in Kessler's place.

Either way, with Surfer Blood and The Young Friends joining them, it

should still be a good show.

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