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The Six Best All-Ages Music Venues in Miami

Palomino Blond at Space Mountain.
Palomino Blond at Space Mountain. Photo by Jessica Gibbs
The struggle to catch live music when you're underage can be real. Scoring a fake ID is often what it takes for teens and young adults to catch some of their favorite acts when they finally make their way to South Florida. But fear no more, music-loving babies. Here are some of the top spots that allow audiences of all ages in on the fun. From South Miami to North Beach, here are the best all-ages music venues in Miami.
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Get down at the Cabin.
Kat de Barros/@kat.deba

The Cabin

1741 NW Fifth St., Miami

One step into this woodsy Little Havana getaway and you're instantly transported to a cabin fit for far-off snowy lands. Its wood-paneled interior has been a reprieve and cultural hub since August 2017, welcoming music lovers of all ages into the quaint performance space. Jamming in a cabin in Miami might be the last thing your brain might accept as reality, but it's real, and it's thriving. Get sweaty and make new friends at the Cabin.
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Throw your hands in the air at the Hideout.
Photo by Karli Evans

The Hideout

3632 NW 25th Ave., Miami

The chaos of Miami traffic drives us to find a refuge where we can simply relax without the fear of being plowed into by a reckless, clueless driver. For those in search of a spot where they can hide out and get down, the Allapattah hangout, formerly L'Boulevard Café, offers a reprieve for locals to catch hip-hop shows regularly. We all want to be that person who can say they caught that act before it blew up. Don't be the one who missed out. "The new go-to spot of South Florida! Good vibes only," the Hideout's Instagram post boasts. If you aren't bringing positivity, there's the door.
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Afrobeta's Mooncake Jam 2016 at North Beach Bandshell.
Photo by Monica McGivern

North Beach Bandshell

7275 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

The North Beach Bandshell is an outdoor beachside favorite for families to kick it under the stars and take in the crisp ocean breeze in the heart of North Beach. Named the best venue for local acts in New Times' Best of Miami 2019, the North Beach Bandshell offers an eclectic mix of programming, ranging from innovative international musicians to homegrown talent. The venue, managed by the Rhythm Foundation, offers both standing and seating options, making it a quintessential South Florida spot to catch live music.
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Absinthe Father at Space Mountain.
Photo by Jessica Gibbs

Space Mountain

738 NW 62nd St., Miami

Self-described as "a grass-root space for unfettered experimentation and collaboration among artists and communities," this alternative art space led by director Alice Apfel is a haven for creatives to thrive. Dubbed the best art gallery in New Times' Best of Miami 2018, Space Mountain regularly hosts all-ages music shows for $10 or less. A real sense of community can be felt at the intimate Little Haiti spot, whether the crowd is sitting and swaying on the floor or shouting the lyrics back to their favorite performers tearing it up live.
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Washington D.C.'s Mock Identity performing at Sweat Records.
Photo by Olivia McAuley

Sweat Records

5505 NE Second Ave., Miami

The mother of all record stores in Miami is a special spot for music fans of all ages to catch shows without being turned away at the door. The famous independent record store and coffee shop, named by New Times as one of the best intimate spots to catch live music, regularly hosts in-store performances on its small elevated stage in the back of the store. You can always count on Sweat to offer Miami's baby punks a kick-ass venue. Visit the store's Facebook events page to see a list of upcoming events.
Mahogany Purple at Tea & Poets in Sunset Place.
Photo by Nicole Melich

Tea & Poets

5701 Sunset Dr., Unit 126, South Miami

A tea shop in a shopping mall is probably the last place you'd expect to see major shreddage. But Tea & Poets, located in the Shops at Sunset Place, is South Miami's unofficial all-ages hub where some of your favorite locals get down. A professional alternative to backyard shows, this unsuspecting suburban sanctuary has presented some of Kendall's favorites, including Palomino Blond, Remyz, and Mahogany Purple. The stage hosts free shows Wednesdays at 7 p.m. (open mike) and Fridays and Sundays at 8 p.m.
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