Rick Ross Gets Miami Heat Face Tattoo

The Bawse got that Fuego fever.

After four straight trips to the NBA Finals and two championships, our Miami Heat (or el Miami Fuego, as the team is known during the National Basketball Association's annual Noches Latinas) has gotten off to a lackluster start for this 2014-15 season.

We lost LeBron to the Cleveland Steamers. And so far, we've posted a losing 15-20 record.

Still, Rick Ross is a lifer. And he just got a Miami Heat face tattoo to prove it.

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While chillin' at Unroyal Ink in New Jersey, Ross got the Heat logo etched near his right temple, just above the eye.

Of course, this Heat piece ain't the Bawse's first face tattoo. Last year, he had personal motto and 2012 mixtape title "Rich Forever" inked under his lip. And he'd already had seven other tats decorating his bearded mug.

A full inventory includes (1) the State of Florida between his eyes, (2) three French crosses on his right cheekbone, (3) a "DC" on the forehead, (4) a "W" on the other side of his forehead, (5) the Maybach-Manufaktur mark on his left cheek, (6) a cute Rolex crown near the left temple, and (7) the logo of popular sunglasses maker Cazal on his left cheekbone.

And the Miami Heat ink ain't the Bawse's first show of devotion to his favorite NBA team either.

To tip off the 2014-15 season, Ross issued a challenge to all the haters: "We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers. I'll put 100 grand on that."

Of course, not every Fuego fan's got a hunned stacks to risk on some six-figure sports bet as a sign of his enthusiasm for Wade, Bosh, Udonis, and the rest of crew.

But even the budget baller can afford a $100 face tattoo that screams, "I'm motherfuckin' crazy about professional basketball!"


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