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Pitbull Releases "Sexy Beaches" Music Video With Visit Florida

Just under a year ago, Florida made its relationship with Pitbull official. Visit Florida, our state's private/public tourism promotion group, struck an undisclosed deal with the Miami native to make Pitbull Florida's official tourism ambassador.

So far, his relationship with Visit Florida has been most visible through social media, where Pit will occasionally promote Visit Florida content to his millions of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers.

But last week, Pitbull and Visit Florida released their most ambitious collaboration to date: a music video. 

It's for a song called "Sexy Beaches," and though the track sounds like it was written during an ecstasy-fueled orgy of marketing executives, the single is actually a few years old — track six off Pitbull's 2014 album Globalization

The song and accompanying music video seem to have a pretty simple message: Come to Florida and we'll fuck you — possibly on one of our sexy beaches, or perhaps in a hotel. 
The video opens like most Pitbull music videos: with an establishing shot of the Miami skyline, followed by a sexy woman flirting with the camera. "I wanna go somewhere exotic," Chloe Angelides croons in the opening chorus while Pitbull descends a flight of stairs. "Let the summer search my body/Meet a sexy stranger in the lobby."

Most of the video looks to have been shot in Miami, with a good chunk of it taking place at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. We won't know exactly how much money this video cost to make because even though Visit Florida receives about $80 million in taxpayer funding, it sidesteps Florida's liberal open records laws thanks to its one-foot-in/one-foot-out relationship with the government.  

According to the Tampa Bay Times, state funding for Visit Florida has just about tripled since 2011, starting at $26.6 million just five years ago. Data provided by Visit Florida does show Florida tourism on the rise, but, as the Times notes, that data hasn't been independently verified.

Still, one has to wonder if Pitbull and this accompanying music video are actually making anyone other than 13-year-old boys and aspiring EDM DJs want to book a flight down to South Florida. 
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