Occupy Miami Hip-Hop & Rock Jam With Bredcrumbs Tonight

Ricky Jackson is a member of Bredcrumbs, a local rock, hip-hop, and R&B five piece. Though his crew's usually playing every other night around the 305, he's taking a temporary break from shows. Why? He's too busy occupying Miami.

Since Saturday, this city's most dedicated activists have camped out in tents on the lawn adjacent to Stephen P. Clark Government Center. And even though it's only been three days since the 1,000-plus person protest started, those sleeping under the stars have managed to organize a musical display of solidarity with the Occupy Miami movement.

Jackson's been following the other Occupy movements around the world. He hopes to raise awareness for the cause. "This isn't a party movement. This is a movement of the people that's starting from the people, from the bottom. The 99 percent that are here in Miami are going to start to be the change that we want to see in reality."

Bredcrumbs, he says, is a fitting headliner for tonight's Occupy Miami Hip-Hop & Rock Jam because, "It's music that is from Miami. It's Miami-based, about the community." The band's name even comes from a grassrooots place, it is "supposed to lift up people who came from breadcrumbs... It's about the struggle."

They're still looking for other acts, so grab your guitars and drums, flutes, tambourines, didgeridoos, whatever, and head down to Government Center.

Occupy Miami's Hip-Hop & Rock Jam with Bredcrumbs. Monday, October 17. Government Center, 102 NW Second Ave., Miami. The concert begins at 6 p.m. Visit occupymia.org.

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