Nicki Minaj's Pink Chicken Wing Necklace and Five Suggestions For Future Food-Based Bling

Lately, Nicki Minaj has been all about them chicken wangs

Back in August, the Young Money diva showed up to a Good Morning America photo shoot decked out like the prom queen in a John Hughes movie, and waving around a mighty fine, golden brown chicken leg. Then this past weekend, Nicki wore a pink chicken wing necklace while performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas.

Some people are wondering if Ms. Minaj's Kentucky Fried Bling was maybe a little racist. But Crossfade's imagination is running wild with rappers -- male and female -- modeling other kinds of food as bling.

5. Taco Shop Stuntin'

Chingo Bling and a Ruby-Encrusted Tamale

As the New York Times detailed this past May, Chingo Bling is essentially the Carlos Mencia of hip-hop. So instead of a half-hour "comedy" show that endlessly reworks the same "Soy de Mexico" joke, Senor Bling raps about wassup when "It's 3am, the club just let out, you're drunk, you've got a vieja, you can't figure out if she looks good, and you've got only got three bucks." Why Chingo Bling isn't already pimpin' a ruby-encrusted tamale is a mystery to us.

4. We Heard Rozay's Bling Likes Bling

Rick Ross, a 24-Carat Bust of Himself, and a Kush Milkshake

Crossfade are bonafide experts on The Bawse's Maybach Munchies. Remember that chicken wang shop he's planning on opening? Well, picture this: Rozay stalks the dining room floor, "making sure everything is OK" while wearing his signature gold bust of his own head. But what? His bling is wearing bling -- a large strawberry kush milkshake.

3. Non-Fat Double Soy Frappa Mocha Latte, X-Tra Icy

Flavor Flav and a $300,000 Cup of Coffee

Since Flavor Flav first donned a giant clock around his neck, MCs have been going to ridiculous extremes to outdo each other's stylin' accessories. We imagine a caffeine-centric bling war would start out with diamond recreations of gas station styrofoam brew, and slowly work its way up to more irritatingly specific requests, like, "Uhhhhh, I asked for three platinum Splendas in my emerald espresso romano ."

2. Fish N' Grits, Oh Yeah Urrr

Outkast and Mama's Home Cookin'

Not really sure how we'd convert OutKast's favorite homestyle Southern feast into bling. But we hear Big Boi's mom is quite the chef and we bet her take on the signature dish is every bit as essential as her son's discography.

1. Like Kids in a Candy Shop

69 Boyz and That Sugary Stuff

Blow Pops, suckers, Tootsie Rolls ... We are totally surprised more rappers haven't already taken to candy bling.

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