MP3: Pretty Please - "Leftovers for the Dogs"

Is it a bad thing? I certainly think not. I'm glad he's back behind the skins, screaming and aided by Didi Aragon on vocals and guitars, Bavie Grafals on vocals, violin and percussion and Ana Farina MacKliff on bass and vocals.

The mix is punkish and New Wave in makeup with plenty of synths and fringe noises grounding them in the pop arena of bands like That Dog, the Breeders, and X. An upcoming full-length is on the way and for that I am happy. Maybe this time around I will not put any labels on them and so far it doesn't seem like I will have to because their camp has been productive.

Old Brand collaborator Bianca Pupo had a hand in this recording and she may or may not be one of the aforementioned ladies with questionable names (or is she?!). There's good pop here, regardless of identity, there's plenty of effects to make it playfully quirky and with a slew of upcoming live gigs, you'd be right to check them out.

MP3: Pretty Please - "Leftovers for the Dogs"

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