Milk & Honey Is Wynwood's Newest Event Venue
Courtesy of Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey Is Wynwood's Newest Event Venue

While you were dancing your pants within an inch of their life at III Points, the artists who entertained you were chilling across the street at Milk & Honey, Wynwood's newest event space. The venue served as the artist's lounge for Mana Wynwood's three-day musical extravaganza. Owned and operated by the same people who run its neighbor, Cafeina Wynwood Lounge, Milk & Honey, according to its events manager, Mariana Hauri, hopes to provide a cool atmosphere for any kind of party.

But in a neighborhood as competitive as Wynwood, there is no sure thing. And in the coming months, it'll be interesting to watch Milk & Honey carve out its spot in one of Miami's most booming (and competitive) areas. New Times reached out to Hauri to discuss just what it is that will set Milk & Honey apart from its peers.

New Times: Who are the people behind Milk & Honey?

Mariana Hauri: Milk & Honey was created by entrepreneur Ivette Naranjo, same owner as Cafeina Wynwood Lounge. As a pioneer of Wynwood, Ivette has paid close attention to not only the development of the neighborhood, but she oversaw the success of Cafeina. People want to be part of the Wynwood District, and having an event in Wynwood is appealing to them, yet the event spaces in the area are so large, including Cafeina [7,500 square feet]. She then decided to build Milk & Honey. It's a private 2,500-square-foot event space with its own private garden. It's basically a blank canvas that can take any form — a dream venue space for event planners in Miami.

When exactly did you guys open, and how long has it been in the planning stages?

Our official opening was October 9 for the III Points VIP Artist Lounge throughout the weekend. We have had some soft openings, but just to make sure everything worked, and it gave us a chance to make changes or additions in order to be ready for III Points. Milk & Honey has been in the works for about a year and a half, as it takes time to make sure all construction and licenses are approved.

What are the hopes and dreams for Milk & Honey?

We hope event planners take the opportunity to create unique and imaginative events. The beauty of Milk & Honey is that there are no constraints to the imagination of the client. We would also like to have corporate luncheons, meetings, trade shows, pop-up events, product launches, monthly events, and wedding ceremonies.

Milk & Honey Is Wynwood's Newest Event Venue
Courtesy of Milk & Honey

What do you think is unique about Milk & Honey compared to other venues in Wynwood?

Milk & Honey has its tall ceilings and beautiful gray-stained floors, which gives the venue a clean slate to any event. The difference is its size and privacy. You can have a small private event and feel cozy. It's not just a big warehouse; it's an actual space. Also, the importance of location is evident with the demand of venue spaces in Miami, especially in this growing neighborhood. Events are getting away from venues in South Beach and Brickell, so we are confident that Wynwood is the new events epicenter of Miami.

Is Milk & Honey a music venue or other performance venue, and if so, do you have any events planned you can share?

It can also be used as a music venue for special performances or monthly events. It will not be a place that is open on a daily basis, however.

This past weekend, I went into Milk & Honey because it was the media and artist's lounge for III Points. How did your first big event go?

III Points was a great opening event; the vibe was very chill. It was definitely flowing with Milk & Honey.

Milk & Honey 299 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-438-0047; facebook.com/MilkandHoneyWynwood.

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