Miami's Garcia and DJ EFN Headed for Cuba to Shoot Coming Home Hip-Hop Documentary

Cuba. It's the mother land. And yet Miami rapper Garcia and his Crazy Hood homie DJ EFN haven't even stood on its soil. Until now.

"We, as Cuban Americans, have never been to the country that our parents are from," EFN says. "But it still feels like we're going back. We're coming home."

That's right, these "two lifelong friends" and 305 rap scene vets are finally headed for the Island on a mission to "discover their roots," chill with Cubano hip-hop heads, and shoot "a good hour-and-a-half documentary."

"We've been planning to go to Cuba for a couple of years now," EFN explains. "But then a month or two ago, I came up with the idea of shooting a documentary about our experience, because we had met some artists from Cuba who'd made the trip to Miami."

"There's a group, Doble Filo, that'll we'll be hooking up with over there. And then there's Danay [Suarez], a real talented female vocalist and rapper. So we're definitely gonna meet and record with those two artists.

"But it's a small, tight community. And through them, we've been in touch with others. And they've put out the word that we're coming. So that whole scene's getting ready for our arrival."

Sharing its name with a track from Garcia's Off the Beaten Path EP, the movie will be called Coming Home. And it'll be about, EFN explains, "the experience of me and Garcia being Cuban Americans who've never been to Cuba, our parents' homeland ... and then showing people the hip-hop artists in Cuba, what they do to record, their daily lives."

To help fund their movie-making trek, Garcia and EFN have launched a Kickstarter campaign with a stated goal of $3,500. "Whether we raise the money or not," EFN says, "we're doing this thing. There's no doubt. We just need a hand with post-production costs. The rest is straight out of our pockets."

So far, they've raised over $3000. But there's only nine hours till deadline. And these dudes need a little extra dinero.

So c'mon, 305, let's send Crazy Hood to the homeland.

Pledge $1 or $10,000 via kickstarter.com to Coming Home, a documentary by Crazy Hood Film Academy.

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