Shrill, darkened-corridor atmospherics and nearly medicinal synth arrangements intersect on Because We Can, the rather experimental debut full-length from Australia's Lostep. Oddly "Burma," the most recognizable track here thanks to its inclusion on Sasha's Involver in 2004, is the lot's most accessible in its vibrant vocal snippets and crisp beat programming. Machine-churning and toolbox plinks in brief interludes like "Construction of a Space Station" contribute to the conceptual aura of Because We Can, while the lush and beatless intro to "Naughty" eventually leads, with wiry fuzz and thick breakbeats, the collection back to the floor. The album's dissipating static segues, like that in "Shortcut to Granuland," are often worthy of a closer listen before they open the dizzying "Burma" and subsequent "Villain." These prog joints are a little more DJ-set-friendly, but they still bear Lostep's morphing and malevolent arrogance — because they can.

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Dominic Umile