City Girls' JT (background) and Yung Miami.
City Girls' JT (background) and Yung Miami.
Photo courtesy of Quality Control

City Girls Rapper JT Drops New Song the Same Day She's Released From Prison

The rap duo City Girls is one of the biggest acts to emerge from Miami in years. In just a few short years, members Yung Miami and JT have gone from playing local strip clubs to shooting music videos with Cardi B.

But there have been some major setbacks on the road to becoming one of hip-hop's most buzzed-about rising acts. On June 30, 2018, JT posted on social media that she would be going to prison after being out on bond for some time. In early July, the rapper began serving a two-year sentence for credit card fraud. She was expected to be released from prison in March 2020, but Yung Miami announced to fans via social media in August that she expected JT to be home in a "couple more days." That wound up being overly optimistic, but the duo announced to fans Tuesday that the rapper has been released five months early.

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The announcement came with a new song, "JT First Day Out," recorded Tuesday — the same day of JT's prison release. "I was in grays playing spades, Miami making children," JT raps on the track, referencing her bandmate's pregnancy, which Yung Miami announced two weeks before JT entered prison. She also addresses the cognitive dissonance of going in the same day City Girls' collaboration with Drake dropped: "Went in the same day Drake dropped 'In My Feelings'/I was in prison on my bunk, really in my feelings."

JT's release is a bright spot in a mixed year for the duo. Less than two months after Yung Miami confirmed her much-speculated pregnancy mid-June, she had a brush with death in August when an unidentified assailant shot at her Mercedes SUV as she left the North Miami-Dade recording studio Circle House Studios. Though neither Yung Miami nor her unborn child was harmed, the rapper told reporters that some shots hit the spare tire on the back of her SUV.

With Yung Miami surviving the murder attempt and JT out of prison, fans are eager to hear new music from the two. In August, Pierre "Pee" Thomas, cofounder of City Girls' record label, Quality Control Music, hinted the rap duo might drop new music before year's end. "When JT comes home, she's going to the halfway house," Thomas said, "but the great thing about the halfway house is they let you go on work release, so as soon as she's out, she's gonna be locked in the studio working." As evidenced by the same-day release of "JT's First Day Out," conditions look promising.

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