Lil Jon Talks Chris Brown, Kicking Out That Labor Day Crunk

When it comes to having a crunk-ass time, there are only a few people who really kill it. Maybe Jack Daniels? Perhaps David Hasselhoff? Another dude on that list is your boy Lil Jon (real name Jonathan Mortimer Smith -- who knew, right?). He's man who's never seen without his pimp cup and he's turned everybody from Dave Chappelle to the white girl next door into parrots with his catchphrase, "Yeahhh!"

Last night, the King Of Crunk sat down with Crossfade before kicking off Labor Day weekend at LIV. (Check out pictures of Lil Jon at LIV here). He spit some shit on music and why we should all stop hating Chris Brown.

New Times: What have you been doing in Miami?

Lil Jon: I have been in Miami a couple of days, just hanging out with friends. Making deals happen. I chill and go out. I always do Mansion a lot. I'm really good friends with the people at the Opium Group. I'm at the Opium clubs, period. Mokai is a favorite. LIV a lot too.

You're hosting parties all of the world. Would you call yourself a professional party person?

I have been throwing big parties since I was a teenager. It has been my life to party and make people party. People look at me when the party is whack, to come in and get the party going. I have been doing this my whole life.

If tonight is a usual "Lil Jon" party, people shouldn't go to work tomorrow, correct?

People might be able to make it to work. Maybe. Be sure to eat a good lunch and dinner, so you can drink a lot tonight. That's another thing I'm good at ... Getting people drunk!

Your album Crunk Rock came out in June. Can we expect a new album anytime soon?

I don't know. I'm all over the place, doing record with tons of different people. A lot of records on the album are just starting to get big and do their own things. A lot of DJs are doing crazy remixes, so it's giving the record a whole new life. We're gonna work this one for a while.

You were just hanging out with Chris Brown in New York City. I have to know ... What do you think of him? Is it time we all stop hating him?

He is good people. I have known him for a while. He is a good kid.

You did a video with 3OH!3. Was that a random pairing for you? I feel like you can do a record with just about anybody.

Yeah, people are showing the record a lot of love. I fit nicely with anyone. My voice ... I don't know what it is, but I could sell oranges if I needed to. It's just the voice. 3OH!3 and I got together and we just made a party record. A fun song.

Who are a few people your listening to right now?

Swedish House Mafia is really killing it right now. Afro Jack and Travis Porter. My music taste is fucking all over the place.

-- Stacey Russell

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.