Lele Pons went from making you laugh to making you sing.
Lele Pons went from making you laugh to making you sing.
Photo by Jose Figueroa

Lele Pons' Foray Into Music Isn’t a Bad Thing

It seems like making music is easy. All you need is to be popular on Instagram, have a producer with Auto-Tune, and find a label to push you through the machine of the music industry. No one apparently cares about the struggle, the trials and tribulations of finding your sound, or handing out your mixtape on street corners in Miami Gardens.

It’s all about the numbers. Guess who has numbers? YouTube star Lele Pons.

When you hear her name, a few things might come to mind: the time she photobombed Michelle Obama, her impeccable talent for making six-second videos, or that time she dropped a music video. Yes, just like every other social media star, Pons has pivoted to a music career, debuting her second song, "Celoso," which is surprisingly good.

Pons is a native of Venezuela who attended Miami Country Day School, where she has said she was bullied and didn't fit in. She started her entertainment career by making six-second videos on Vine. The app shut down in 2016, leaving creators without a home. But it didn’t stop Pons. From there, she began to create on YouTube and Instagram, growing her following to more than 26 million. Her popularity prompted her to take things further by making music.

Here’s why Pons isn't like celebrities who make music just to make a little money:

1. Her music is catchy. “Celoso” sounds like everything we’ve heard before. The Latin pulse has a catchy melody telling the story of how Pons doesn’t have time for the boy drama and wants more than just a quick fling. Though the lyrics are entirely in Spanish, the production still allows us to nod our heads and sway our hips better than Pons does in her video.

2. She has the platform to create, so why not? Hard work beats talent. And besides the Devil and Kris Jenner, no one works harder than Lele Pons. “Celoso” isn’t the most difficult song to sing, and her team knows that fact, but because her platform is so large, Pons can do just about anything and cause a reaction. Scrolling through the comments on her YouTube video, you'll see remarks ranging from “No one asked for this” to “Yes, Lele we love this song.” Regardless, you’ll be hearing this track for a while. According to Variety.com, “Celoso” is backed with “extensive planned support” from all major streaming platforms, meaning no matter where you stream music, Pons will be there.

3. She actually likes making music. To some celebs, making music is just a ploy to milk us for more money, but Pons has wanted a music career from the beginning. “Music has always meant so much to me, and this opportunity can help me push myself to take the next step as an artist,” she said in a statement. “I feel great about joining the Universal Music family because they understand what I want to do musically and creatively.”

Pons is becoming a triple threat. From singing, dancing (kind of), and acting in shorts online, she’s quickly become an entertainment force. Although her fan base obviously has a short attention span, she has our attention now, and we hope she keeps it.

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