Lady Gaga, Slavoj Zizek, and Four Other Pop-Star-and-Philosopher BFFs

​Last week, the New York Post reported that Lady Gaga's been hanging out with Slovenian Marxist critic Slavoj Zizek.

Even though the pairing -- an American pop megastar and a commie philosopher -- seemed a little strange at first, it made sense the more we thought about it. Gaga tries to intellectually elevate pop music by way of high fashion, queer-friendly ideology, and big-budget aesthetics. Zizek works in reverse, applying the lens of philosophy to pop culture and thus providing real-world demonstrations of highly obscure thought.

Well, it turns out the Post did some lazy reporting and Lady Gaga is not actually hanging out with Slavoj Zizek. But the possibility got Crossfade thinking about other hypothetical pop-star-and-philosopher BFFs.

5. Rick Ross and Martin Heidegger

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