Kat Stacks Supports Dream Act! Supergroupie Tweet-Chatting With Undocumented Youth

Transformed by her time behind bars, Kat Stacks (née Andrea Herrera) has apparently become a social activist.

Freed three weeks ago from a Louisiana immigration detention center after being locked up for over 24 months, the Miami-Dade resident, Venezuelan native, notorious supergroupie, and former Tootsie's Cabaret stripper claims to have completely changed.

She's launched a new, mostly cleaned-up Twitter page, @AdmireAndrea. She's pledged her dedication to the power of positivity. And now she's even joined the Dream Act cause.

"Shout outs to all my #DREAMers !!" Stacks tweeted last night. "Stand together to achieve Justice!"

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Umm ... Kat Stacks: A mentor for undocumented youth?

Sure, we were skeptical too. But now identifying herself as an "Obama DREAMer, Hip Hop sensation," she will indeed be taking part in a DreamActivist.org tweet-chat with so-called "alien minors" and other concerned parties.

Now, if you aren't a hip-hop gossip junkie, here's the condensed version of the Stacks story:

At 8 years old, she left Venezuela and came to the U.S. illegally with her mom, Johnyelsi Cardenas. A few years later, she became "a underage sex trafficked victim." She started stripping. And then she scored Internet infamy for supersleazy tales of alleged sex with the Young Money crew, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, et al.

Meanwhile, she got caught carrying an unlicensed concealed firearm in Broward County before finally being busted in Nashville on November 5, 2010, sent to an immigration facility, and slapped with a deportation order.

Ultimately, it took two years and a last-ditch appeal, but she earned her freedom and beat the immigration rap.

Back on Miami's streets, Stacks is determined to be a force for good.

"Anything I do from now on is on a positive light," she promised in a recent interview with NBC6. "Not no more of the Kat Stacks ways."

And that means educating the public (via Twitter) about the Development Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act.

So read up, kids. Back the Dream Act. And tweet-chat with Kat Stacks tomorrow.

Kat Stacks and DreamActivist.org Tweet-Chat. Tuesday, January 29. The chat starts at 9 p.m. EST. Follow @DreamAct on Twitter and use the hashtag #DAchat to join the conversation.

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