Kanye West performing at the American Airlines Arena during the 2016 Saint Pablo Tour.
Kanye West performing at the American Airlines Arena during the 2016 Saint Pablo Tour.
Photo by George Martinez

Saddle Up: Kanye Is Bringing Wyoming to Miami Tonight at RC Cola Plant UPDATED

Update: A source has confirmed to New Times that Project Wyoming will take place at 7 p.m. at the RC Cola Plant in Wynwood.

Y'all really thought Yeezy Season was over? Not even close.

After dropping his latest album, Ye, last week, which followed his previous month of controversial statements and actions, Kanye West will host something called Project Wyoming tonight in Miami.

He announced the event via his website, kanyewest.com. The announcement includes footage of horses, mountains, and the Ye album-listening party held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last week, set to new Kanye songs "Ghost Town" and "I Thought About Killing You," along with narration from Chris Rock. A shadow event will also be held in Chicago tonight, and another is planned in Brooklyn for tomorrow.

The page contains an RSVP link to sign up for a waiting list to get into the event.

As for what, exactly, will happen at Project Wyoming, details are scant. The best guess is that it's a listening party for Kanye's project with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghost . The teamup was announced in the batch of release dates Kanye tweeted April 19. So far, he's stuck to that schedule, with Pusha T's Daytona released May 25 and Ye out last week. Kids See Ghost is next, set for June 8, and Cudi recently tweeted out the cover art for the project, done by Takashi Murakami, who famously designed the art for Kanye's album Graduation.

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Reception for Kanye's latest project has been mixed in the wake of his incendiary return to the public spotlight. After cryptically tweeting for about a week in April, he suddenly came out as a supporter of Donald Trump — MAGA hat and all — and began endorsing conservative pundits such as Candace Owens. Soon after came a controversial interview with TMZ in which he declared that slavery was "a choice" and that African slaves could have ended it had they not been "mentally imprisoned."

After the interview, Kanye reportedly completely reworked Ye and used the album to comment on his actions — "My wife callin', screamin', say we 'bout to lose it all" he says on "Wouldn't Leave" — but the record includes no endorsements of conservative politicians or public figures. It's also far less upsetting than his back-and-forth with T.I. on "Ye Vs. The People" and "Lift Yourself," AKA the "Scoopity Poop" song, both of which were released shortly after the interview. Still, critics have been less than receptive to Ye: Jeff Weiss called it "the unedited ramblings of the world’s oldest adolescent" in the Washington Post, and Rob Harvilla of The Ringer declared it "just good enough to keep it interesting, but no better." The most positive opinion of the album has come from The Needle Drop's Anthony Fantano, who gave it an 8 and said he was "highly impressed" with the seven-track album's intimacy.

Of course, Kanye might be moving Wyoming to Miami, because the ranch where he held his last party just banned all rappers. In any case, saddle up for tonight.

Kanye West: Wyoming in Miami. 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 6, at RC Cola Plant, 550 NW 24th St., Miami. RSVP at kanyewest.com.

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