Independence Day: Five Musicians Who Served in the United States Military

America rocks. And even at 236 years old, the United States of America is still the sexiest country in the free world.

But the 50 states, its federal district, and territories throughout the Pacific and Caribbean wouldn't stand a chance if it weren't for the brave men and women who've risked life and limb fighting for its freedom. Among those who have served in the armed forces: outlaw country stars, rock 'n' rollers, and gangsta rappers.

So in honor of Independence Day, we encourage you to legally download music written and performed by the following American veterans.

Jimi Hendrix

This legendary rock 'n' roll axeman joined the Army after a judge gave him the option of defending his country or serving two years in prison for grand theft. As it turned out, though, Jimi was a shoddy soldier and dismissed after only one year with the 101st Airborne Division.

Johnny Cash

The Man in Black served four years in the Air Force as a Morse Code Intercept Operator in Germany before being honorably discharged in 1954.


The man born Tracy Marrow joined the military for the pay and benefits. But homie ended up falling in love with rap while serving in the 25th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.

Nate Dogg

After high school, Nate Dogg learned how to "Regulate" with a three-year stint in the Marine Corps.

Elvis Presley

As a civilian, he was The King. But by the time Elvis was honorably discharged from the Army, he was a Sergeant.

Have a happy Fourth of July, y'all.

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