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Trina, Miami's Rap Queen, Faces Off Against Eve in Verzuz Battle

Trina’s fans finally get their wish.
Trina is Miami's rap royalty.
Trina is Miami's rap royalty. Photo by Kendrick Ken
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If you’re a rap fan from Miami, there’s a fair chance you’ve got a favorite song — or two — by Trina. Most fans will recall gritty bangers like the Rick Ross-assisted “Told Y’all” or her 2015 hit “Fuck Boy,” in which she channels Eazy-E’s “Cruisin In My 64.” Whether it’s signature tracks like “Da Baddest Bitch” or even emotional ballads like “Here We Go,” Trina’s diverse fan base and Miami natives alike will boast all of her beloved anthems in the next Verzuz battle.

Since Timbaland and Swizz Beatz launched their Verzuz platform in March 2020, the Diamond Princess’ loyal followers have bombarded social media with pleas for Trina’s chance to defend her title against another equally powerful woman in the exclusive song battle. Over the past few months, fans have suggested an assortment of challengers like Lil Kim, whom Trina previously said she would take on.

But Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Triller recently confirmed that Ms. Trina will face off against Ruff Ryder alum Eve in a battle scheduled for this Wednesday, June 16. Now that the battle with Eve is set in stone, Trina’s fans finally get their wish.

There’s a reason why she’s Da Baddest. For more than two decades, she has worked to establish herself as a force in hip-hop. Ever since Trick Daddy introduced her to the world on “Nann,” the rapper, born Katrina Taylor, has ascended to the top as one of the most innovative female rappers not just in South Florida but around the world. She has dropped six studio albums, four EPs, an array of mixtapes, and a compilation project from her own label, Rockstarr Music Group. Trina wears numerous hats, and not only those of a rapper and actress. She starred in Love & Hip-Hop: Miami and also hosts the Trick & Trina Morning Show on 99 Jamz.

We can’t ignore the fact that Trina’s competitor has her impressive catalog of iconic records. She’s even collaborated with Trina in the past, on “Ladies 1st.” Nonetheless, Trina’s fans and the rest of her supporters from the crib know the Liberty City native should be favored to dominate the upcoming Verzuz battle. While all the songs we’ve mentioned so far will help her cause, these are the records that will secure the win.

“No Panties,” featuring Tweet

This Missy Elliott-produced track is featured on her 2002 Diamond Princess album. Although it comes in at two minutes and 46 seconds, “No Panties” is one of the most commercially successful tracks off her sophomore album.

“B R Right,” featuring Ludacris

Trina dominated the airwaves when she dropped “B R Right” with Ludacris in 2002. Produced by a young Kanye West, the song reached the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s also one of the standout tracks off Diamond Princess.

“Don’t Trip,” featuring Lil Wayne

Trina came with the heat on her 2005 single “Don’t Trip,” featuring Lil Wayne. The song is featured on Glamorest Life, which reached the number-two slot on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums & Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. Not only does Lil Wayne kill his verse, but he and Trina sound perfect together on wax.

“Long Heels Red Bottoms”

Trina’s got a lot of solo records fans can’t live without, and “Red Bottoms” is one of them. Produced by Mr. Collipark, this bass-filled club joint will have you on your feet the second it booms through your speakers. The single featured on her 2011 Diamonds Are Forever mixtape is a fan favorite that will definitely put points on the board.

“Single Again”

It’s the break-up anthem that will never be forgotten. The lead single from Still Da Baddest is an uplifting ode produced by Timbaland and J-Roc that always manages to hype up any recently liberated person at any type of getty or club party.

“Pull Over”

This battle wouldn’t be complete without one of Trina’s most famous tracks. Produced by Righteous Funk Boogie, “Pull Over” features the spicy lyrics and no-fucks-given attitude that fans have always loved about the artist. When the DJ plays this banger, it’s a wrap!

Verzuz: Eve vs. Trina. 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 16;
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