Gustavo Cerati's Family Issues New Statement On His Health; Says Soda Stereo Frontman is Recovering Slowly

Ever since Gustavo Cerati suffered a stroke this past May 15 after a performance in Caracas, Venezuela, his family has been extremely protective of news regarding his health. Even after he was transferred to a hospital in Buenos Aires on June 7, the only real fact they've confirmed is that the singer remains in critical condition.

Doctors reported in mid-June that the Latin rock legend had suffered extensive brain damage. By late June, doctors again reported that he showed no further signs of recovery. In response, his family issued a statement saying they were confident he would recover, slowly.

Yesterday brought another dispatch from the Cerati family, which gives very little in the way of more detail, but sounds somewhat more positive in tone. "We believe his health will return slowly," the family wrote in a Spanish-language statement to the wire service Agence France Presse. "For those who are interested in daily updates on Gustavo's health, we want to tell them he is very well cared for, and attended 24 hours a day by a specialized team of doctors and nurses."

Since he was admitted to the hospital, the statement says, Cerati has been accompanied continuously by his mother, his two sons, his ex-wife, his current girlfriend, and a small group of close friends. Interestingly, they note that he's also receiving "spiritual care and good background music."

Above all, though, the family urges fans to ignore any rumors or ill-intentioned lies, promising that they will update everyone on his progress when there is more to report.

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