Miami's Top Five Kid-Friendly Bars

Deyson Rodriguez
Let’s be real: Parenting can be stressful and exhausting. Sometimes the only thing that soothes a hard day (and night) is an alcoholic beverage. Because going out for drinks solo or with friends without worry is a thing of the past, you’ll need a few spots where it’s OK to bring the kids along. These five Miami bars won't judge. They understand every parent deserves to imbibe (responsibly) from time to time.
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1. 1-800-Lucky. If you’re the cool hipster parent who fondly remembers your childfree Wynwood rage days, 1-800-Lucky is your ultimate one-stop shop. At this Asian-themed food hall with a bar and cool beats, you can sip a strong cocktail and munch on bành mí while spoon-feeding your little one Taiyaki’s unicorn ice cream. If your kid (or you) still has the munchies, stop by the convenience store for some green tea Kit Kat bars. 143 NW 23rd St., Miami; 768-9826;
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Danny Roth
2. Bayside Marketplace. Say what you want about Bayside — it’s too touristy or crowded or cheesy. But this downtown Miami shopping mecca is also home to several open-air bars where you’re free to knock one back while your children enjoy people-watching or listening to the free nightly concert. The drink choices are many: You could even bar-hop from the 305 Daiquiri Bar to Mojito Bar to Segafredo in five minutes with one hand on the stroller at all times. 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami;
3. Gramps. This Wynwood classic might be known for its wild concerts and bingo nights, but the venue’s quirky patio offers the perfect ambiance to grab a Rosemary’s Baby — one of the bar’s signature drinks — and park your stroller next to you, commiserate with a friend about your kid’s sleep regression, and just chill for a few. 176 NW 24th St., Miami; 305-699-2669;
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Silvia V. Mazabel
4. Monty’s. A beautiful view of the water and enough space to navigate your double-wide stroller? That’s Monty’s, where you can sip a stiff cocktail like the Pain Remover and soak it up with an abundance of seafood. The restaurant’s outdoor setting and nautical theme are sure to keep your little ones entertained. There's even valet parking in case you need help hauling all of your kiddos' gear. 300 Alton Rd., Miami Beach; 305-672-1148;
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The Wynwood Yard
5. The Wynwood Yard. In this open-air retreat, grab a seat, a cold one, and delectable food. There’s also plenty of family-friendly programming, such as Reggae Sundays and Mama & Me Boot Camp on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, the Wynwood Yard is scheduled to close this year, so let’s toast to this parents' haven while it lasts. 56 NW 29th St., Miami, 305-351-0366;
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