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Taiyaki's unicorn ice cream
Courtesy of Taiyaki

Taiyaki's Unicorn Ice Cream Is Coming to 1-800-Lucky

Taiyaki, famous for its fish-shaped cones and exotic-flavored ice creams, has created the most adorable treat known to mankind: unicorn ice cream.

This magical treat has caused a sensation at Taiyaki's flagship in New York City for months, and now it's coming to Miami.

Taiyaki co-owner Jimmy Chen says the ice-cream company launched the special cone after noticing how many people love unicorns. "We took our time in choosing the aesthetics of the unicorn. We looked at it in a creative way."

Your choice of soft-serve ice-cream flavor serves as the unicorn's flowing mane, which is dusted with pastel sprinkles. Finally, golden ears and a horn are added. Chen won't divulge the ingredients of the edible horn, only saying it's "magical." The result is the cutest and most photogenic frozen treat you've ever seen.

The cone is available for $8 at Taiyaki inside the 1-800-Lucky food hall beginning Friday, January 12.

It's no surprise Taiyaki's creations have been among the most photographed foods on Instagram. Chen and his partners take into consideration both the visual and flavor elements of each item offered. "We're in the golden age of social media," he says. "As such, we like to take the artistic route and create something people gravitate to."

Chen says Miami's response to Taiyaki has been amazing. "Miami people love ice cream in general, and their affinity for our treats has been the strongest. It's been great."

Lines for Taiyaki's ice cream have been notoriously long, so Chen shares a pro tip when seeking out your own unicorn: "Visit us weekdays between 3 and 5 p.m. That's when the lines are shortest." When you share that Instagram pic, be sure to use hashtag #unicorntaiyaki.

Taiyaki. At 1-800-Lucky, 143 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-768-9826; 1-800-lucky.com.

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