Electric Pickle Closed for Labor Day Weekend by Fire Department; Moves Guy Gerber, James Holden, Reboot to Cafeina

Yesterday afternoon, we here at Crossfade got word that DJ Benton Galgay's Eclectic Electric party with Möthersky and Snakehole (originally scheduled for last night) was going to be postponed till October.

Why? The Electric Pickle had been suddenly (though temporarily) shut down by the City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue. So we contacted both the Pickle and Fire-Rescue.

Just a few minutes ago, the Pickle sent us a statement, explaining: "Due to an issue we had this past weekend with overcrowding, the Fire Department inspected our venue and found several repairs that needed to be addressed before we can open this weekend."

"As with any repair in a commercial space you have to go through permitting process with the city," the statement elaborates. "Having said that, we are working diligently on getting all those repairs taken care of and getting the venue up to code. We hope to open as soon as possible."

A response from Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal Juan Meizoso confirms the Pickle's account of the closure. "Due to some fire code violations that were observed during a night inspection, the club needed to be closed until the repairs are completed," he explains. "The City of Miami Fire department has been working diligently with the owners of the club to assist them in complying with the code."

Needless to say, the club won't be reopening this weekend. So the Pickle's Labor Day parties -- James Holden on Friday, Guy Gerber on Saturday, and Reboot on Sunday -- have been moved to The Terrace at Cafeina (297 NW 23rd St., Miami) in Wynwood.

In a second joint statement with promoter SAFE, the venue assures "Friends and Patrons of The Electric Pickle" that "all events will still be taking place at its originally scheduled time: 10 PM to 5 AM" and "all Advance Tickets purchased for these events will be honored at the door at Cafeina."

Additionally, "all the headline acts will begin their performances at 1 AM sharp" and "tickets will be available for purchase at the door."

The Pickle also expresses regret over the permitting problems. "We understand and appreciate the great deal of anticipation these events have generated. We apologize for this unexpected change of venue. We worked hard at keeping these great events in our neighborhood of Wynwood, in a legitimate space not far from our home venue.

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"As lovers of underground music, we share every bit as much enthusiasm for the culture and atmosphere as our patrons do. We feel secure in promising that the terrace at Cafeina, along with our production and great people, will make for memorable nights this holiday weekend."

But when will the Pickle get back to throwing parties in its own space? "We will be open once again for business at The Pickle next week," the owners insist. "Our scheduled programming will resume Wednesday September 7th."

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