Chum Bucket Gets Shut Down, Organizers Try to Figure Out Next Step

Just two months after Miami Chum Bucket hosted its grand opening, the punk venue and multipurpose space is under fire.

This past weekend, the collective was ratched up to full throttle as hundreds flocked to the warehouse in Allapattah for the fifth annual 305 Fest, a punk/hardcore festival featuring three days' worth of acts from around the state and country.

Late during Day 2, the cops showed up and that's when the trouble started.

The third night of 305 Fest was relocated to the ever-reliable Churchill's Pub. And while this solved Chum Bucket's troubles temporarily, the following Facebook status, posted yesterday, revealed that the police's presence was still reverberating:

Crossfade was interested in covering the story as it developed, so we contacted Emmannuel Nanni, AKA Gordo, a regular Chumbucket contributor.

According to Gordo, "The cops showed up because a couple of officers patrolling the area saw multiple groups of festers walking towards the back of the venue," not because of any sort of vandalism or complaint. "We asked them if they had been called due to the noise or any disturbances. But they assured us that no one had called to complain and it was solely them observing festers walking and an unusually high amount of cars parked around the building."

The Chum Bucket was launched after an extended period of fundraising and bubbling excitement. But all of the space's logistics may not have been entirely ironed out during its development. As Gordo explains, "The building is not zoned for our particular course of business. There is a workaround, but this process can take extended periods of

time. We are unsure when this will all be worked out."

For the time being, you can keep updated by emailing info@miamichumbucket.com or checking Miami Chum Bucket's Facebook page. All shows currently booked are being moved to other venues, though the venue will still be open as a low-cost practice space.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.