Black Tide Loses a Member

At last night's show at Revolution, my first thought on seeing local metal sensations Black Tide take the stage was, "WTF? Where is Alex Nuñez?" In the curly-maned second guitarist's place was some other dude, with no less curly, but significantly shorter hair, and slightly less nice equipment than the rest of the band. Was the touring grind already causing some internal wear and tear? (The band came directly off the summer's Mayhem festival tour to hit the road with Bleeding Through and Bullet For My Valentine.)

The band's people tell me today that Nuñez is "taking some time off from the band," and it's unclear if the band will continue as a three-piece or a four-piece. The tour's current fill-in is Black Tide buddy Austin, of Hollywood/Miami thrash outfit the Panix (of which Nuñez is also a member).

Kind of a bummer, because Alex's playing style and musical taste -- more along the hardcore/thrash/crust spectrum than the rest of his bandmates -- added a dirty edge that gave the songs a nice sleazy kick. For anybody suffering Alex shredding withdrawal, you can check him out with the Panix live on September 11 and 14, and October 2, at his avowed second home -- Churchill's.

-- Arielle Castillo

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