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Andrew W.K. Really Wants to Party With You This Wednesday! Get Free Tickets Now!

Beer! Party! Fun! Do you know how incredibly rare it is to meet someone (let alone a fucking celebrity!) who exudes an Andrew W.K. level of pure and unironic enthusiasm for Life?

Ever since he first exploded into popular consciousness with epic anthems like "Party Til You Puke," the positive rocker, professional partier, and inspirational speaker has defied the laws of human stamina by staying superstoked at all times, headbanging for a better world, and blowing shit up on the Cartoon Network's Destroy Build Destroy.

Now Mr. W.K. is bringing his therapeutic thrash to SoFla with a little help from suds pusher Dos Equis. Get the deets, a video trailer, and your free tickets after the cut!

Dubbed the Most Interesting Show in the World, this singularly amazing and highly anticipated event isn't exactly setting expectations low. But if anyone can live up to wildly overblown hype, it's Andrew Wilkes-Krier and his international Party Crew Team. High on frozen Mexican lager and compressed oxygen, these maniacs promise to fill Revolution Live with unprecedented quantities of awesome.

Straight from the press release:

"The Most Interesting Show provides an unparalleled combination of humor, danger and seduction," says show host Andrew W.K. "With a name like The Most Interesting Show in the World, you have to go all out on the talent, venue, and production - and we've done that. We lined up dancers like you've never seen, performances that will amaze and engage the audience, and, of course, plenty of ice-cold Dos Equis. It will, without a doubt, live up to its name."

To be more specific, though, you'll get W.K., Hungarian illusionist and parrot enthusiast Elliott Zimmet, Persian burlesque babe Cherie Lily, escape artist the Great Merlini, and the Bubble Man.

And we'll just say it again ... Beer! Party! Fun!

The Most Interesting Show in the World. Wednesday, October 20. Revolution Live, 100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are free via Admission is limited, so arrive early. Visit

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