Alukard Releases New Video for "Doubtful Optimism;" Electronic Set at the Ivy Penthouse on May 4

Miami-alt rockers Alukard toy with Walt Disney's animation and Salvador Dalí in their latest video incarnation for "Doubtful Optimism." First started in 1946 and not completed until just a few years ago, the collaboration between two legendary artists seemed the perfect intermingling for the band's latest track.

In the song, they reflect on what up-and-coming musicians are currently going through, and the cost of accomplishing their goals--and it's all portrayed beautifully through a slinky, long-haired Disney-princess-like lead and her struggles within.

"It's the band having fun while paying respect to great artists of the past," says Level, part vocalist, part rhythm guitarist." We came across the video a month ago from a 2006 small release from Disney called 'Disney Treasures.' We wrote a song recently and in the middle of recording it, the video played on a monitor and we saw how intensely accurate it was to the plot."

Alukard play an electronic set on Tuesday, May 4 at the Ivy Penthouse, 3159 Commodore Plaza. Show starts at 9 p.m. age 21 and up. 786-552-9993; theivyatthegrove.com

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