50 Cent Starts Online Petition to Stop Diddy From Name Dropping Notorious B.I.G.

Anyone who knows of 50 Cent, knows how often he's gotten into arguments and/or picked fights with people. From making skits to songs deliberately crushing his enemies, he's pretty much run the gamut. But now he may have just run out of people to have beef with -- or maybe he's just looking to hype himself up for a new album release.

The rapper has now taken to his personal video blog to start a

petition. Now this isn't a traditional petition to have people promise

to boycott B.P. or stop performing in Arizona. No, this is something

nearer and dearer to him, apparently. Before leaving for Brazil

yesterday, he started a viral petition to stop Diddy from exploiting

the memory of former artist Notorious B.I.G.

We'll admit it, Diddy has taken his love of B.I.G. a little too far, maybe, and his latest song "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace" is no exception. Even though, to Diddy's credit, the song is sung by Jay Electronica and only features Diddy.

We thought this was a joke, but the twitition has already gained 558 signatures

within a day. How many before Diddy takes notice? Will 50 Cent really

stop Diddy from ever mentioning B.I.G. again? We doubt it. But what do

you think?

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