50 Cent Drops New Mixtape, Download Link Breaks and Causes Internet Uproar

Curtis Jackson, best known as 50 Cent (pronounced fitty) unloaded a mixtape about an hour ago via Hulk Share, one of those download sites that looks mad shady.

Evidently, The Big 10's so popular that it's caused a massive cyber traffic jam and subsequent comment uproar.

Crossfade's working on four different computers and 23 separate browser's trying to download the damn thing--we're really anxious to hear what "Shootin' Guns" and "Put Ya' Hands Up" are all about.

In the meantime, however, we'll share some of our favorite Hulk Share user comments with y'all. Check 'em after the cut.

Several of the tracks have made it onto YouTube, but we still cant' download The Big 10. As it turns out, neither can these folks:

Dennis4998 asks, "yo 50 wtf are you doing it doesn't work don't play around with your fans."

Youngmagicmob thinks "50 on bs man."

Devin Wikky Leach's is totally fed up and says "this is garbage, fuck this I'll just wait half an hour and get it off DatPiff..."

Dan Glaser's can't take it anymore of this "bullshit" and will "just get the torrent later."

Get em's pleading with Jackson to "just post the songs on thisis50."

Libertychisasuro@yahoo.com curse's 50, going as far as throwing the G-Unit boss under the bus. "fuck u 50 this link dont work mfakafa!"

It's taken us 20-minutes to write this blog and still no sign of a download. Quite frankly, it won't likely be worth the wait. May we suggest downloading Das Racist's homeboy Lakutis' debut mixtape?

Y'all can download it sans bullshit on his Band Camp page.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.