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2010 Latin Grammy Awards: Crossfade Cashes in Its Chips on Winning Picks

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The awards are over. My hotel room is trashed. There's debris everywhere -- cigarette butts and cigar nubsand shards of glass from countless broken bottles. There's a strange mustard mural painted -- now dried -- on the mirror, and I'm wearing a dinosaur tail with suspenders. And there's something in the ashtray called a Jeffrey, which I have reason to believe is a joint containing every drug known to man.

Alright, you got me. I'm not in Vegas at all, and that's from about 15 different Vegas films. I was just pulling your leg. But it's for the best. Because if I were in Vegas, I'd probably only be about 12 hours into what would be shaping up towards a three-day bender. And you'd never get to see a side by side comparison of how we fared in our 2010 Latin Grammy predictions.

Record of the Year
Maria Bethania -- "Tua"
Buika -- "Se Me Hizo Facil"
Camila -- "Mientes"
Jorge Drexler -- "Una Cancion Me Trajo Hasta Aqui"
Alejandro Sanz -- "Desde Cuando"

Our pick: Camila "Mientes"
Winner: Camila "Mientes"

We're off to a great start. No big surprise here. Of course, as you'll see, we botched the next one. But even though Camila wouldn't nab the prize for Album of the Year, they would grab a second bit of hardware for Best Album Vocal Group or Duo.

Album of the Year
Bebe -- Y.
Miguel Bose -- Cardio
Camila - Dejarte De Amar
Juan Luis Guerra -- A Son De Guerra
Alejandro Sanz -- Paraiso Express

Our pick: Camila -- Dejarte de Amar
Winner: Juan Luis Guerra -- A Son De Guerra

What can we say? The smart bet seemed to have been on Juan Luis Guerra all along. The man ended up being one of the night's big winners. He's a living legend, and a hell of a nice guy to boot. He even shared his trophy with his co-nominees, saying that this award was theirs too.

Song of the Year
Descemer Bueno & Enrique Iglesias -- "Cuando Me Enamoro"
Alejandro Sanz & Tomas Torres -- "Desde Cuando"
Ruben Blades -- "Las Calles"
Mario Domm & Monica Velez -- "Mientes"
Jorge Drexler -- "Una Cancion Me Trajo Hasta Aqui"

Our pick: Descemer Bueno & Enrique Iglesias -- "Cuando me Enamoro"
Winner: Mario Domm & Monica Velez - "Mientes"

We didn't pick a potential runner-up for this one, but hope you'll trust us when we say, this would've been it. I mean, we picked Camila for two other categories.

Best Female Pop Vocal Album
Bebe -- Y.
Estrella -- Black Flamenco
Nelly Furtado -- Mi Plan
Kany Garcia -- Boleto De Entrada
Rosario -- Cuentame

Our pick: Kany Garcia -- Boleto de Entrada
Winner: Nelly Furtado -- Mi Plan

Well, we missed this one too. But at least our pick for a close second took the prize. They don't give out second place. But if they did, we're sure Kany would've secured the spot.

Best Urban Music Album
Cartel De Santa -- Sincopa
Chino y Nacho -- Mi Niña Bonita
Daddy Yankee --- Mundial
Mala Rodriguez -- Dirty Bailarina
Vico C. -- Babilla

Our pick: Chino y Nacho -- Mi Niña Bonita
Winner: Chino y Nacho -- Mi Niña Bonita

And there you have it ... Can't argue with radio airplay. Program directors around the country still haven't stopped pumping these guys' breakthrough first single. And they're already on their third.

Best Rock Album
Bohemia Suburbana -- Bohemia Suburbana
Andres Calamaro -- On the Rock
Gustavo Cerati -- Fuerza Natural
Chetes -- Hipnosis
Viniloversus -- Si No Nos Mata

Our pick: Gustavo Cerati -- Fuerva Natural
Winner: Gustavo Cerati -- Fuerva Natural

Another winning pick! Gustavo Cerati deserved this in a big way, and the fact that the poor guy's in a coma has nothing to do with that. He's a legend who paved the way for countless bands in Latin music today, and his most recent release showed him to be as relevant as ever.

Best Contemporary Tropical Album
Juan Luis Guerra -- A Son de Guerra
Lucrecia -- Album De Cuba
Prince Royce -- Prince Royce
Tecupae -- Tiempo
Johnny Ventura -- Volvio La Navidad

Our pick: Juan Luis Guerra -- A Son de la Guerra
Winner: Juan Luis Guerra -- A Son de la Guerra

Mazel tov! Crossfade picks another winner!

And that's it for our coverage of the 2010 Latin Grammy awards. Big night, big winners. We got five out of seven right, which means that if you followed our betting plan, depending on which parlays and over-unders you took, you could be looking at anywhere from a 50- to 75-percent profit paying out on your wager. See you next year, Latin Grammy.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.