Photo courtesy of Kush Hospitality

Tobacco Road by Kush

When Tobacco Road closed in 2014, more than a century of Miami drinking history went poof. The "Road" had many lives, serving as a brothel, a bakery, and a place where every major blues artist played (as did a ton of minor ones). So it only makes sense that this legend got a new life, thanks to Miami restaurateur Matt Kuscher and original Tobacco Road partner Patrick Gleber. Kuscher says this is more of a tribute to the Road than a re-creation — and he's correct. The menu reads like a "best of" from all of Kuscher's restaurants — burgers, bang bang shrimp, and chicken tenders. There are craft beers and cocktails with cute names. Also the bathrooms don't look like something out of American Horror Story anymore. But look closer and you'll find a list of "Shitty" beers that are OG Tobacco Road approved, there's live music on the weekends, and just walking through the door under the Tobacco Road canopy sends a frisson of nostalgia up your spine.

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