Photo courtesy of Eating House

Eating House Miami

Eating House opened as one of Miami-Dade’s first true pop-ups. Created by Chopped champ Giorgio Rapicavoli, the popular Coral Gables restaurant offers a whimsical menu that, in other hands, would read as novelty items. Cap’n Crunch pancakes, for instance. Or Hotlanta fried chicken, or Tater Tots with Coca-Cola ketchup, or, for dessert, a dirt cup. But Rapicavoli manages to turn kitsch into a culinary art form. His menu, which rotates frequently, is always inventive, always fun, and always top notch. Be sure to check out the chef’s pop-up menus and his annual 420 dinner series on April 20. The unofficial “holiday” menu has garnered a cult following through unique dishes that anyone with a major case of the munchies would crave. New Normal: Tables are equipped with social distancing “curtains” and diners are encouraged to make reservations via OpenTable. Seatings are limited to two hours during dinner and 90 minutes during brunch. The restaurant has expanded its outdoor seating.