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Best Restaurant to Die in the Past Year

Scully's Tavern

Photo courtesy of Scully's Tavern

For more than three decades, Scully's Tavern was a neighborhood restaurant for Kendallites looking to relax with a drink, eat some good grub, and hang with friends. Chris and Cassandra "Cass" Hirsh worked side by side every day. Over the years, customers became family. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chris and Cass would lay out a massive spread for employees, customers, and residents. Turkeys, hams, and all the fixings would be free to anyone who wanted to partake. The restaurant was known for its generous spirit — and for its scampi wings, which became somewhat of a local legend. But Chris died after a brief illness in December 2021 and Cass, who'd had a rough year herself, having suffered a spinal injury in late 2020, couldn't face doing it all on her own. She closed Scully's, though she did leave the door open to return in a consulting role if a new owner comes forward to carry on the Scully's name.

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