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Off Site

Taquiza's Steve Santana and beer maven Adam Darnell (formerly of Boxelder) have opened a restaurant that's utterly unpretentious. Off Site has no celebrity name tied to it, no velvet rope, and only one goal: to serve the best comfort food (and beer) in Miami. The sole item on the menu when the place opened in 2021 was a perfectly turned-out fried chicken sandwich made with thigh meat and served on a bun with lettuce and mayo — that and the partners' "Super Good" lager. The menu has expanded (slightly) to include burgers, housemade hot dogs, smoked chicken wings, and a smattering of specials. If you live nearby, you're lucky enough to call this Little River gem your neighborhood hangout. It's the perfect place to grab a bite with friends or salve body and soul after a bad day — a fried chicken sandwich and a beer here is the edible equivalent of a hug.

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