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Tron: Legacy, the Armchair, Debuts at Design Miami/ Satellite Showroom

Wasn't it enough that video game geeks across the planet nearly jizzed their pants with the announcement that Tron: Legacy, the much anticipated and long awaited (though only to them!) sequel to the 1980s flick, would be coming out this year? Apparently not. Now there is even more nerdy news. Tron: Legacy, the armchair, is going to be unveiled during Art Basel.

Yeah, you read that right. An armchair. Like Tron fans need any more incentive to sit on their asses all day long and play video games. Now they have an armchair that will match their goofiness, and make it even less appealing to go outside and interact with the rest of the world. Okay, okay, we're being a little harsh. This chair is actually pretty cool. It will be on display at the Cappellini/Poltrona Frau Miami Showroom during Art Basel, as an official satellite show of Design Miam/ 2010. There is an opening reception tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. Read on.

The chair was designed by Dror Benshetrit (you can't make up names like that!) for Cappellini furniture. If you can forget the fact that Cappellini is the Italian name for Angel Hair pasta, you'll see that the furniture line is pretty rad and they have a bunch of iconic pieces exhibited across the world. Combine that with the Tron franchise, which first brought video games to Hollywood, and the collaboration makes sense. Kind of. Walt Disney and Cappellini actually worked on a line of Disney inspired chairs earlier this year, and the Tron armchair will be officially debuted at the Milano International Furniture Fair in April 2011.

According to the furniture company, Benshetrit's armchairs incorporate elements of the digital landscape of the Outlands terrain featured in Tron. They are constructed of composite materials with impregnated fiberglass and "their uses become part of their narratives, expressed in transformations that are both metaphorical and literal." That last bit is way beyond us. We have no clue what it means, but are fairly certain that Baselites will have a better idea.

Show up at the Cappellini/Poltrona Frau Miami Showroom (10 NE 39th St. Miami) from 7 to 10 p.m., Thursday for the opening reception. As far as we know there are no neon discs flying around to decapitate you and keep you in cyberland for all eternity. Tron: Legacy 3D hits theaters on December 17. For more Art Basel events click here.

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