Tour and Document Miami's Street Art with All City App Before Some Jerk Paints Over It

There's a new Bansky phone app, which provides an interactive map and profile of nearby Banksy street art. And while we don't (officially) have any Banksy's in Miami, if there was ever a town in need of a street art guide app, it's the 305. Yes, there are occasional graffiti tours like this Vespa one from Roam Rides. But we ain't the type to sign up for guided tours. We prefer to stumble across culture on our terms -- that is, in an informed haphazard way.

We did some sleuthing and uncovered a street art app from Bushwick called All City Street Art, which has been endorsed by graffiti aficionados over at Juxtapose. Except when we paid the $1.99 and downloaded the app, a search for Miami-area street art produced a mere dozen works where there should be hundreds.

That's when our trusty competitive spirit kicked in. Are we really going

to let cities like Denver, Austin, and Chicago trump us in documented

street art?

So the onus falls on all of us, Miami. When you see great

street art, snap a pic with your damn smart phone and upload it to a an

app like Art City so others can hunt it down. Cause if a dope mural

exists and no one admires it, does it really exist at all?

Devoted Cultist readers know that we do our part by posting semi-regular

street art posts from around Miami (well, mostly Wynwood). We'll be

uploading those photos into All City, because it's nearly high season in

Miami. That's when all the street artists crawl back out onto the

streets and landscape the city in a new wash of colors, forms, and

scenes in preparation for the crowds of Art Basel Miami Beach.

So that

super freaky fresh Alice in Wonderland mural on NW 32nd st? Yeah, that

could be replaced by a sinister Hobbit scene tomorrow. It's up to you (and you) to make sure all that beautiful work doesn't go forgotten.

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