The Six Scariest Haunted Houses in South Florida

Halloween is the unofficial kickstart of the holiday season. It's as good an excuse as any to act like a child, dress up in absurd costumes, and scare the living daylights out of people. It's also the only time of year most people would pay for someone else to scare them. Hey, sometimes being on the verge of a panic attack just hits the spot and makes you feel alive. 

This is where the services of South Florida's various haunted houses comes in. They've returned to scratch your itch to be terrified. And because locals have plenty of choices when it comes to good scares, the region's fear factories are constantly trying to top one another's frightful tactics. 

Here are some of the best haunted house options in South Florida. 

6. Dr. Wilde's Creepy House at Zoo Miami

Once again, Dr. Wilde’s Creepy House will turn Zoo Miami into "Boo" Miami. (Sorry, that was too easy to pass up.) The house plays on a wide variety of fears, from the mundane — a roach-infested kitchen — to the macabre: Is that a zookeeper in the freezer? Children who want no part of the haunted house can enjoy ghoulish carousel rides for $2, creepy-crawlies, and candy stations at the children’s zoo. 

October 28 through 31 at Zoo Miami, 12400 SW 152nd St., Miami. Admission to the haunted house costs $14.95, or $12.95 for zoo members; zoo admission is separate. Visit
5. Lockbox Escape Room

Years ago, two brothers were watching Saw 2 and decided they wanted to make their own "Saw House." Lockbox Escape Room is the idea birthed from these dreams, or nightmares, depending upon how you look at it. The Lockbox Escape Room is a year-round business that's Halloweened-up for those looking for an extra scare this time of year. The escapes include a CIA Task Force room and the Timeline room, which involves time travel. 

This isn't the usual haunted house, but it's a terrifying experience nonetheless. They treat this pretty seriously, so you and your group need to make an appointment for your experience. 

8490 W. State Rd. 84, Davie. Admission costs $30 per player. Visit

4. Demented Haunt 

The Demented Haunt in Coconut Creek might be a drive-and-a-half for South Dade scream queens, but it promises to be worth the effort. Scenarios here include a butcher room, a clown-of-fears experience, an escape room, and an insane asylum. None of this sounds pleasant, and all of it sounds like the exact thing you're probably into if you're still reading this list. 

Open October 30 and 31 at 3600 Coral Tree Circle, Coconut Creek. Tickets cost $4.50. Visit
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