The Real L Word's Claire Moseley: Why She's Leaving The Show

If you're a woman who loves women, there's a good chance you've spent the last five days partying your lesbian ass off at the Aqua Girl festivities happening all over Miami Beach.

In the same sense, if you enjoy the lady kind, we might also be inclined to think that you have seen every episode of The Real L Word on Showtime. (Judgmental? Perhaps. Forgive us.)

The two sapphoriffic worlds combined this weekend, with the cast of the lesbian reality show showing up at the Catalina for it Sunday Splash festivities. We snagged a session with season two's Claire, who told us why she wouldn't be back for the next season.

Who is this Claire Moseley? Well, she came on for the round two of the show with the premise that she was leaving the Big Apple to see whether Francine, her former girlfriend of five years, is really "the one" for her. After a couple episodes, most Real L Word blogs read that her popularity, as one article nicely put it, "had plummeted into the fires of hell." We thought that was a little harsh, so we decided to give her a chance.

What we found was a really pretty, blonde, and Midwestern girl who was super down-to-earth. She was willing to chat with us in her VIP section, admitting, "God, sorry, I am a tad hungover." On a Sunday morning on South Beach? Yeah, join the club.

Check out our interview to see our conversation where we talked about everything from what it is like to be a reality star to why season three will be Claire-less.

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