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The Kardashians Went to Cuba, and the Internet Isn't Having It

God bless you, internet. If there's one thing to be said about the vastness of the World Wide Web, it is that it's a place for people to voice their opinions. Sure, there are plenty of ignorant and nasty comments floating around out there. But from time to time, the Earth's intelligent inhabitants take to social media to point out noticeable flaws in the way our reigning pop-culture icons behave.

Which brings us to the Kardashian klan. As Entertainment Tonight puts it: "It wouldn't be a Kardashian vacation without drama."

It was reported that the world's most famous family would take a trip to the island 90 miles south of Miami to film episodes for its upcoming season of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Though sisters Kim and Kourtney have been fairly silent on social media (so far, neither has posted on Twitter or Instagram about the trip), Khloé has been kluing her fan base in on nearly every detail. 

Our first indication that the group had landed in Cuba was when Khloé posted a photo of Kim, Kourtney, herself, and best friend Malika Haqq with the caption "Pablo was here! Cuba" Wednesday afternoon.

Thankfully, more than one follower immediately pointed out that Pablo Escobar, the famed drug lord, was actually from Colombia. But we're sure there are plenty of other Pablos living in Cuba. But who knows, maybe Escobar built an underwater tunnel before his death in 1993 that will lead others, like Mexico's Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán, to Havana one day.  (There was the weird drug submarine thing with Pablo, but, oh well.) 

She began with photos of smoking cigars. OK, that's cool and part of the Cuban culture, sure. But mierda really got muddy when the reality TV star posted a picture of herself standing under large letters spelling "Fidel" on a marble wall with what we can only guess is a quote from the Communist dick-tator himself. 

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Many of the replies on Khloé's twitter feed have been fairly positive — from fans telling her how beautiful she is to others encouraging her to have fun — but there are still those who are not having it. And those people are our favorites. 

Especially author and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, who correctly pointed out that Khloé standing under an homage to Fidel Castro — you know, the Communist leader who overthrew a government and continues to ruin a bunch of people's lives — is not cool, bro. She tweets, "Fidel throws people in prison for attempting to use Twitter," and follows it with: "He's also had a lot of people killed and is a massive human rights violator but hey, viva!"

Others are asking how the Kardashians even have access to internet on the island. And then there are those who bring up the recent normalization of relations between the island and the United States. 

One Twitter user, Joana Ramiro, brings a bit of humor to the discussion: "Kim Kardashian filming her reality TV show in Cuba proves the U.S. never intended the embargo list to be a good thing." We do have to agree with her, though. Can we maybe blame the Kardashians if America's next president wants to make the country great again and reestablish the embargo? 

A Washington, D.C.-based columnist points out why Khloé's photo is grossly inappropriate.  

The best media reactions so far come from Page Six, with its (cough, accurate) headline: "Cuba Is Officially Over: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Visit Havana." Perez Hilton, AKA Cuban-American Miami boy Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., also did a roundup of some internet reactions following Khloé's post. 

A few hours after the initial Fidel picture, Khloé uploaded a shot of old cars along a dirt road with the caption: "With everyday, my goal is to expand my mind. Now, it has been filled with new memories and knowledge of culture, food, traditions, daily life.... It will never go back to yesterday's dimensions! I'm so blessed to be able to appreciate another's culture.???? God is GREAT! Thank you for my opportunities."

One Instagram user wrote, "If you learned about this culture, why is the other picture still up? Delete it, you are insulting a lot of people." So far, the photo is still up. 

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