The Five Best Thrift Stores in Miami

From Alton Road to Dolphin Mall, Miami has no shortage of clothing stores for fashion-conscious residents and visitors. Outside of these massive plazas and shopping complexes, though, are an abundance of thrift and consignment stores where consumers can buy high-quality clothes at monumental discounts. Often, these stores are tucked into unassuming corners around the city, making them hard to find unless you've been tipped off. Here are some of Miami's greatest thrift stores you might be missing.

The Five Best Thrift Stores in Miami
Courtesy of Swish Boutique

1. Swish Boutique. A new-ish addition to Little Haiti’s up-and-coming commercial scene, Swish Boutique is a prime shop for women hoping to snag a stylish new outfit for a fraction of what they’d pay at the mall. Filled with jumpsuits, flowy floral prints, and saucy party dresses, Swish is a staple store for anyone hoping to find something a little special to wear. This place also consistently offers clothing priced at a 50 or 75 percent discount, a great additional savings on something that was cheap to begin with. 6500 NE Second Ave., Miami; 786-482-8780.

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Give Good WorksEXPAND
Give Good Works
Photo by India Amos

2. Give Good Works. A two-story hipster corner store, Give Good Works surrounds shoppers and Wynwood visitors with pleasant vibes and bright colors. From its blaring music to funky-colored exterior, this community-focused thrift store sells everything from offbeat footwear to professional-looking trousers. This place is often seeking volunteers to pitch in around the store, assisting in its mission of giving back to the Miami community, so be sure to stop by if you’re looking for a thrift store you can help as much as it helps you. 2401 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-495-2708; givegoodworks.org.

The Five Best Thrift Stores in Miami
Courtesy of the Salvation Army

3. Salvation Army Thrift Store. Your classic thrift store smack in the middle of Wynwood, this Salvation Army is a great stop for anyone hoping to stock up on staple items for as little money as possible. With tank tops, T-shirts, and a seemingly endless supply of suit jackets and jeans, this is a great locale if you’re looking to do a massive wardrobe overhaul but don’t want to invest your life savings into the purchases. 2236 NW Miami Ct., Miami; 305-438-9066; salvationarmy.org.

The Five Best Thrift Stores in Miami
Courtesy of Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique

4. Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique. If you’re the type of thrifter who likes to know exactly where your money is going once you buy that fashionable pair of shorts, look no further than Lotus House. Proceeds go toward paying for the organization’s interns, many of whom work in the Boutique. Lotus House is an organization dedicated to supporting homeless people and women and children, so whether you’re donating gently used clothes or are looking for a new outfit, your patronage is directly supporting the organization. 2040 NW Seventh Ave., Miami; 305-576-4112; lotushouse.org.

5. Flamingo Plaza. Individually, the thrift stores in this strip mall may not seem impressive. But consider the hours dedicated thrifters could spend wandering from place to place, in search of the next stylish find or cheap but useful furniture, and you'll understand why Flamingo Plaza ranks among Miami's thrift meccas. It's even served as inspiration for local artists like Agustina Woodgate, who stealthily sewed poetry into clothing on its racks in 2011. But you don't have to have cultural aspirations to win big here. With so many shops and boutiques in one place, it's impossible to go home empty-handed. 901 E. 10th Ave., Hialeah.

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