That Awkward Moment's Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller Talk Bro Code, Banging, and LeBron

So, that awkward moment when you get into an elevator with Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan at the Soho House on Miami Beach. Yeah, that happened. Let us tell you about it.

As two of the three stars of That Awkward Moment (in theaters today), the guys resemble your typical twenty-somethings. You know, hipster but hot, sipping on mimosas at 2 p.m., taking mirror pictures for Instagram, exchanging witty banter regarding one another's choice of outfit that day. Yeah, these guys are bros, and a bromance is obvious. That's why the chemistry in the film looks natural; because it is.

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Directed by the also handsome Tom Gormican, the movie revolves around the vulnerability and embarrassment of modern-day relationships and how gents get through it all. That is, of course, with one another by their side.

Luckily, when we arrived at our destination, we all made our way to a penthouse to chat everything from movies to Miami and a little sex. And as you can see from question number one, things got filthy. And quickly.

New Times: Thanks for that epic elevator ride.

Miles Teller: It was pretty great. Was it good for you too?

Michael B. Jordan: It was mind-blowing. One I'll never forget.

I mean, it was great. What do you guys think of good old Miami?

MBJ: I love it.

MT: No, but I love it. Like, love it here. The women, the weather, the food.

Not everyone loves it.

MT: If someone doesn't love Miami, they are doing something wrong. Honestly. Where did you grow up?

Indiana, actually. What about you two?

MT: I grew up in Florida. Just an hour north of Tampa. Crystal Rivers. Actually it's the Manatee Capital of the word, so please respect.

MBJ: I am from Newark, New Jersey. I think we are the loofah capital of the world? Truth or not, that isn't something I am super proud of.

I love people from New Jersey. You guys have dirty mouths, obese governors, delicious food. What is not to love?

MBJ: Thank you for that. We have a lot of pride.

Did I hear that you three, along with Zac Efron, went to the Miami Heat game last night?

MT: It's hard to be a Lakers fan at a Heat game, but we had a blast.

Heat vs. Lakers: where are we going?

MBJ: Knicks, then Heat.

MT: Lakers all the way.

LeBron vs. Kobe?

MBJ: LeBron, all day.

MT: Kobe, all day. Let's see how many rings LeBron gets.


MT: If LeBron James gets eight rings in his career, I'll give you $500.

MBJ: $500? $2,000 [if] LeBron James gets eight rings.

You were captured taking a large amount of selfies.

MBJ: I think they are highly underrated. James Franco would agree with that.

It's pretty obvious you guys are obsessed with each other.

MT: I mean, totally. We all have sex with each other.

MBJ: Can I go on record that that isn't true?

You guys have been insanely open about sex in interviews. Has mom called you yet?

MT: I think she cringes every time she reads a headline with me being disgusting. But I am always like, "Ma, I love you, but you aren't used to this yet?"

Were you guys friends before this?

MBJ: Zac and I knew each other through mutual friends for a long time. We kind of became close instantly. When you shoot together and spend so much time together, it's kind of inevitable, but these guys are legitimately my friends. We also did a little trip before this all began -- that helped.

I grew up with brothers, so I know that they really are sensitive when you get them alone.

MT: Is sensitive the word we are using? (Laughs) I think if you haven't grown up around guys, you don realize that we are actually open with each other. We talk about breakups, hookups, shitting, our penises.

What made you want to sign on to this project?

MT: I just thought it was really funny. For me, I have done a couple of comedies and I said before I did the next one, "The director needs to be funnier than me." Tom Gormican is one of the funniest people I have ever worked with.

What's a bro code you will never break?

MT: If you are serious about a girl, don't show your boys pictures of her. We all get those dirty photos and should I say, thank you iPhone. But once you care about a girl, those pictures stay in private.

MBJ: You can't really date a girl that has already been serious with another one of your friends. If they hooked up, sure. But if he was serious with her, she's off limits. Don't double dip.

Isn't it a strange time in your life when you're single and going out, yet everyone on Facebook seems to be having babies?

MBJ: We were just talking about that. You are enjoying your life, yet at the same time you question, "Fuck, am I doing something wrong? Should I be married?"

MT: Here is what I know about babies: there is an app that changes pictures of babies to bacon.

The ladies have Girls. Will this movie be this for the guys?

MT: Maybe it's because I was living in LA, but I really related to Entourage. Just the being with your guy friends and doing your best to make it. That was my Sex and the City. This movie is going to be something everyone can relate to. Dating is such a awkward thing, really.

What do you hope people take from the movie?

MBJ: Not much. I hope they have a great time. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We are shining the light on a little bit of a locker room situation, guys, how we handle situation with our friends. Identify with what you believe in and I hope you laugh.

MT: It's rare to find a movie that deals with relationships in your twenties. It's not high school romance, it's not college, we aren't getting married. It's that in-between, and there really hasn't been a movie to truly deal with that. It's an interesting time in your life.

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