Super-Cute Baby Baboon Born at Jungle Island

In the latest news from the adorable animal department, Jungle Island welcomed a bouncing baby baboon last week. Called Makara, the wee one was born to four-year-old Isis.

Jungle Island reps say the baby is doing even better than expected. Isis and the three other Hamadryas baboons in residence are apparently doing a swell job of looking after the little one.

We know you only clicked this for the pictures, so check 'em out after the jump.

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Who's her daddy, you might ask? A Hamadrya baboon named Pharaoh.

If you're wondering about Hamadryas baboons, here's the skinny: they're considered an "old world monkey", native to Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen. Terrestrial (not tree-based), they live in open savannah, open woodland and hills across Africa. They're super adaptable, laid-back folks that adjust well in different environments. According to Jungle Island, momma baboons often carry their babies next to their stomach for the first month.

So go meet Makara and fill your awwwwwww quotient for the month.

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