Stop Miami is coming to a stop

Stop By!

When Stop Miami came on the nightlife scene almost three years ago, more than a few hipsters heralded it as a savior. An outpost of understated cool in the burgeoning Wynwood District, Stop was where you went for a glass of good, affordable wine, some Manchego and jamon serrano, and conversation with interesting, unpretentious people. Happy hour usually found a good little crowd filling the former gas station and spilling out to the sidewalk tables. Somewhat eccentric owners Danny Brody and Alexandra Rangel kept the friendly vibe alive, live music pumping, and devoted regulars coming back. It was described as the antithesis to South Beach. New Times named it the city's best wine bar last year.

Then, a few months ago, things started going downhill, former regulars say.

Rangel apparently had a falling out with Marc and Blue Solomon, the proprietors of nearby A restaurant who cultivate a following among many of the same people who frequented Stop. Regulars started going to other wine bars. About a month ago, the building Stop inhabits went up for sale. Responding to questions about the sale, Stop put out a bulletin e-mail urging people to disregard "the rumors." Stop would keep on, they said.

By Wednesday, it was clear Stop would stop. In an e-mail to fans, local musician Jason Fitzroy said he would be filming a scene for his upcoming video at Stop, tonight at 11 pm (stop by!), adding the "sad news" that Stop would be closing at the end of the month. Brody and Rangel couldn't be reached for comment Thursday morning. --Rob Jordan

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.