South Florida Fall Foliage Report: Autumn Colors Are Just Dying Leaves, Go Green!

The Fall Foliage season in South Florida is one of the busiest times of the year. Visitors flock from all over the world to witness the beautiful changing of greens. ​Expect shades of green to a slightly different 

shades of green across the state, including the 
coastal areas and Everglades regions where the foliage 
change ranges from early to mid-stage.

The lower elevations, which is pretty much the entire region of South Florida, remain predominantly vibrant Emerald. Some roadsides in central Florida appear to be muted tea green this week, apparently due to a combination of weather-related factors. Still, other areas in the region are showing the traditional bloom of moss green, army green, and asparagus.

If you crave something other than the 5,000 shades of green we will see this season, here are a list of other colorful things that can be found in South Florida while the rest of the country fawns over dying leaves. Enjoy

your pretty little leaves, northerners! We'll be swimming in the ocean and basking

in the warmth while you are raking up that foliage.

1. Brightly Colored Structures
Flickr: tabula_electronica CC

2. Vibrant Shades of Bikinis
Flickr: dmourati CC

​3. Glorious Golden Sunrises

Flickr: Monica R. CC
4. Blossoming Sea Creatures

Flickr: cwilso CC
5. Painfully Beautiful Sunburns 

Flickr: _ambrown CC

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.