Nine Places to Cool Off in Miami

Frizzy hair, fried skin, and sweat stains galore. Summer in Miami is a double-edged sword. While tourists travel from around the world to vacation on our luscious beaches, we residents stick to the pavement — going about our everyday lives while enduring Sahara-like temperatures. One man’s vacation is another man’s inferno.

Break-time takes on a whole new meaning in the summertime. Beat the heat with these nine ultracool hangouts.
9. The Drinkhouse Ice Bar
The Drinkhouse is Miami’s first ice bar and fire lounge. The handmade cocktails and exquisite interior design make for a sultry ambiance that takes indulging your imagination (and tastebuds) to the next level. Of course in this August heat, your prime destination will be the Ice Vodka Bar. Say hello to 100,000 pounds of frozen water, the temperature set to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and artwork by award-winning ice sculptor David Berman. You will be provided a faux-fur coat, gloves, and slippers to wear while you sip premium vodka from ice glassware. Visits are limited to 45 minutes for comfort and safety. Children are welcome with adult supervision before 7 p.m. Bookings to take in the full ice-bar experience and use the coats and gloves start at $17.
8. The Arctic Plunge Pool at the Standard
The Standard Hotel holds a firm belief in the health benefits of bathing. Inspired by the historic cultures of Russia, Greece, Japan, and Turkey, the Standard offers myriad ways to take a dip and get a spiritual lift. Your best bet for the ultimate cool-down? The Arctic Plunge Pool. Chilled to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this small circular water hole will cause natural muscle contractions, detoxing your system and energizing your senses.
7. Venetian Pool
Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is a unique cross between a historic landmark and a family-friendly water park. In 1924, it was known as the Venetian Casino, a popular hangout for sophisticated Miamians and even some celebrities. The pool is filled with 820,000 gallons of spring water pumped from an underground aquifer. With two waterfalls, two lookout towers, and cavelike grottos, Venetian Pool is the ideal setting for an Instagram-worthy summer day.
6. McAllister Spa for a Summer Sun Facial 
After weeks of pool-hopping and beach-bumming, you notice the sun has wreaked havoc on your skin. But that’s no reason to stop the fun. Reverse the damage with McAllister Spa’s luxurious Dermalogica Après-Sun skin treatment. A paramedical aesthetician will analyze your face to choose the best products for targeting problem areas while also soothing irritation. Natural ingredients such as lavender, yuca, chamomile, and cucumber are sure to revive your radiance, the way Mother Nature intended it. Exfoliate, cleanse, and rejuvenate your skin for a face that says, “I just descended from Heaven!” rather than, “I just fell asleep on my lawn chair.” Packages start at $30.
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