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Monica Uszerowicz’s "Tiny Spaces" Opens at Maggie Knox Gallery

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“The tiny spaces are moments in between other moments, and sometimes they are cozy and other times they’re dull, but they are always their own small worlds,” says former New Times contributor Monica Uszerowicz about her new solo show at Maggie Knox Gallery, "Tiny Spaces."

“I hope it is evident how endearing the subjects are to the person I was when I took the photographs. I hope that even if the viewer is bored, they are able to momentarily savor their boredom.”

The Miami-based writer and photographer has had a quiet career as photographer in tandem with her journalism. Her work is often marked with a humanistic approach, and reverence for the simplicity and spirituality of the moment is known for its poetic veneer. That she has struck a balance between reporting and photography is a testament to that reverence, Uszerowicz the journalist has covered art and music beats, while Uszerowicz the artist is inspired by Florida's weirdness and a lifelong obsession with photography.

For this show, Uszerowicz has taken her cues from French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s 1958 book The Poetics of Space where he theorized the power of  architecture of the "imagination." In Bachelard's estimation, space is imbued by memories and by culture. The concept unifies her collection of images captured at different intervals of time and space.
Merging these disparate prints into the context of a gallery gives them the poetic space that transforms sense and objectivism in what she hopes is a transformative experience. The same can be said for poetic interpretation and Uszerowicz triumphs in blurring the oft-discussed parameters of what constitutes “good” poetry. 

Uszerowicz will also hold tarot readings, reiki sessions and ceremonial circles as part of her healing practices. While these are certainly appealing amenities for the show, the ultimate goal is to empower the tiny spaces, the moments within other moments, with the ever outward-undulating exponential growth of Bachelard’s “expansion of infinite things.”

“My camera is always in my bag, and sometimes I will take a photo because a stranger’s expression or the color of that particular day will be appealing," Uszerowicz says. "Other times, I have an idea, like a dream image, and I will either try to recreate it—sometimes very specifically, asking a friend—or just wait for it to appear. That doesn’t always happen, but I love when it does.”

"Monica Uszerowicz: Tiny Spaces" at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 2 at Maggie Knox Gallery located in MADE at The Citadel, 8325 NE Second Ave., Miami. Healing sessions are available on Fridays or by appointment during the month and can be scheduled by emailing the gallery at maggieknoxgallery@gmail.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.