Miami's Sexiest Celebrity Residents

Miami is a hot city in general. And even though our temperature gages reach searing highs almost year round, were not talking about the weather. While Los Angeles and New York might beat us in total number of celebrities per mile, we definitely have some of the best looking ones in the game.  While many ladies (and some gentlemen) were celebrating our newest hotties Lebron and Bosh, it made us realize that they are just two of the many gorgeous VIPs living in our great city.

So today, we thank them for their tax dollars by recognizing some of the hottest A-Listers under the Miami sun. We may not be the smartest, we might not be particularly polite, but hot damn, we have some great looking famous people.

6. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is a true Miamian in so many ways. Unlike many of her listmates, she's not some two-bit transplant-- she was actually born in the City of Miami. The Cuban-American might have grown up in California, but she made the smart decision to move back to her roots. But the bad news for any Casanova with aspirations of sweeping her off her pretty feet is that she made the move with her boyfriend of almost eight years, filmmaker George Augusto. Who watches his movies anyways? We know one hot Latina that does.

Ricky Martin

There is just no arguing that Ricky Martin is definitely one of our hottest residents. No matter if you play for team gay or straight, we can all agree the man is gorgeous. And lucky for us--he lives right here in Miami with his cute little twin ninos. Not only does that officially make him a DILF, but this month on Oprah he admitted he is only dating someone right now. Until there is a ring--that means free game, boys.

4. Joanna Krupa
Even though the name might ring a bell, more than likely you're probably thinking she is a lot like Kim Kardashian--you know she is famous, but you're not sure for what. Well, the boys probably know her from her multiple covers on magazines like Maxim and FHM. But her biggest claim to fame was probably dancing on everyone's favorite Dancing With The Stars, where she was voted off on the ninth week. Oh and let's not forget her nude ads for PETA. You might know her for that, too.

3. Matt Damon
Many might not know it, but the Academy-Awarding winning actor indeed lives in Miami (Miami Beach to be exact.) But unlike most who come here by choice, his once waitress wife Luciana locked him into South Florida. Which gives us hope-- like most college graduates, we were once a waitress. After serving Damon a drink one night at Crobar (remember Crobar?)he liked it so much he put married her and moved himself here. We once had a 90-year-old man grab our ass and leave us a $20. Same thing, right?

2. Jennifer Lopez
This is a pretty obvious one. She might be "Jenny From The Block," but she is a Magic City gal at heart.  She named a perfume after us (Miami Glow) and even owns part of our beloved Miami Dolphins. Even though she is globetrotting constantly with her adorable twins and Skeletor-looking husband Marc Anthony, she always comes back to her favorite adopted home of Miami. We wonder if she will bring her new American Idol judges here one day? Imagine Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and J. Lo all tearing it up at LIV one night. A pop culture junkie can dream...
1. Lenny Kravitz
This super sexy songbird has made quite a name for himself since purchasing a home here a few years back. He helped create The Florida Room inside the Delano Hotel and has played there many times for fans. While many in the media have questioned his sexuality in general, this only makes us as Miami residents appreciate him even more. Maybe everyone can have a piece? 

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