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Magic City Auction: '50s Chic Cars, Furniture, and Collectibles from Starz' Canceled Series

Another Miami show cancelled, another auction of epic proportions.

Magic City, the Starz timepiece drama set in the late 1950s South Florida, has met its end, and now there's a heaping amount of set pieces to be rid of. The short-lived series told the story of a hotel mogul, Ike Evans, who ran the Miramar Playa Hotel. Entire sets were built to allude to a time where men wore crisp suits and women's hair had that extra curly bounce.

Starting this Wednesday October 2, you too could own a piece of that 1950s glamour. Jay Sugarman Auction Corp., the same folks who ran the Burn Notice auction, are at it again; this time, instead of two days of auctions, there will be five. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the auction will kick off online, and then move into a live portion for Saturday and Sunday. The following Monday and Tuesday, the final remaining bits will be sold online, wrapping things up completely on October 8.

The auction house is working on recreating specific scenes from the show, like the lobby and pool sets, so when buyers walk onto the old filming grounds, they'll be able to trigger memories from the show.

Annette Grasso, Chief Operating Officer at Jay Sugarman Auction Corp., assured us that the same type of items will be available both during the online and live auctions -- including the cars. Any TV auction worth its salt has cars, after all, and this time around, there are two iconic 1956 Ford Fairlanes, and a 1956 Chevy Bellaire, both head-turners.

"The fans will be very happy - they can purchase anything from a Miramar Playa Hotel napkin to one of the Ford Fairlane cars, or even Ike's complete penthouse furniture set," says Grasso.

"There are so many great pieces, ranging from the Miramar Playa Hotel lobby furniture, to the Deauville Hotel outdoor pool patio sets, and even the furniture from the Atlantis lobby," she adds.

Since the series took place in an era we now deem vintage chic, there will be plenty of antique pieces to satisfy fans of the show and fans of the fifties. Among the items that may be viewed as collectibles: a jukebox, cigarette machine, candy machine, old telephones, bicycles, and your all around fifties décor. Grasso says how many of the pieces are incredible finds, offered at incredible prices, regardless of the fact they were seen on television.

You can see photos of some of the items up for grabs on the Jay Sugarman site - the same website you will need to log onto Wednesday to take part in the online portion starting at 12 p.m.

The live auction takes place at 11 a.m. both Saturday, October 5, and Sunday, October 6 at the studio warehouse, located at 3663 NW 21 Street, Miami. Grasso recommends first time bidders to get there early to walk around and take note of specific items, "do not be afraid to bid, hold up your hand with your card, and you might get a chance to walk away with an amazing piece from the show."

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